Terms of Service

Welcome to the Bedlam Gaming, Inc. team!  Thank you for deciding to become a member of our Partner program ("Program").  The Program is operated by Bedlam Gaming Inc. (“Bedlam”) through Everyrealm Inc. (“Everyrealm”) as marketing agent (Bedlam and Everyrealm are collectively referred to as “We” or “Sponsor”). The following terms and conditions apply to anyone accessing or using the Program as an Partner (“You” or “Partner”). Signing up for the Program is known as “Partner Program Registration.”  You and Sponsor are referred to as “Parties” for purposes of this agreement. 

The Program allows You to serve as an Partner and, as an Partner, you are permitted to solicit natural persons to establish profiles on platforms owned and operated by Sponsor.  You will be compensated a one time Commission (as defined below) up to the Fee Cap and be eligible for Profile Rewards the first time each unique natural person referred by You uses your Partner Link to establish a profile on a platform owned and operated by Sponsor and meets the Commission Criteria (the unique natural person who uses your Partner Link to establish a profile is known as a “Referral”).  


By joining the Program You agree to use the Program in the manner stated in these Terms and Conditions and are bound by them. You are not authorized to register as an Partner or participate in the Program in any way if you do not agree to these Terms and Conditions in their entirety.  

  1. Registration

In our sole and absolute discretion, We reserve the right to approve or deny ANY Partner Program Registration. For the denial of your Partner Program Registration, You will have no legal recourse against Sponsor or any Partner of Sponsor. Provided that all Commissions and Profile Awards earned by you are given, Sponsor may revoke Your Partner Program Registration at any time with or without cause. In the event Your Partner Program Registration is revoked, Your Partner Link will remain active but you will not receive a Commission or Platform Benefits for any Referral. Sponsor will provide commercially reasonable notice of Partner Program Registration revocation.

  1. Partner Links

Upon the acceptance of your Partner Program Registration You will be provided a link to use for obtaining Referrals (“Partner Link”). You shall only have one Partner Link and use of multiple Partner Links is strictly prohibited and is a violation of the Program Terms. As a member of the Program, you may promote your Partner Link using Content (as defined below) on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, X as well as in any other electronic web based media now known or invented in the future. You may also promote your Partner Link through your own profile on Sponsor’s site (“Bedlam Profile”) by promoting your Bedlam Profile to potential Referrals. In accordance with the Partner’s indemnity obligations set forth below, Partner is solely responsible for any content associated with the Partner Link including but not limited to words, videos, gifs, memes, and Partners’ likeness, name, voice and social media handles (“Content”) and agrees to hold Sponsor and its Partners, employees, officers, directors and agents harmless from any losses associated with the Content or the use of the Partner Link. Sponsor reserves the right to send Partner Links on Your behalf at its sole discretion. You will receive a Commission for any Referrals from Partner Links sent by Sponsor if the Referrals meet the Commission Criteria set forth below. Sponsor reserves the right to remove Partner Links from any Content Sponsor sends if such Content may include more than one Partner Link, at its sole discretion. Partner Links will not be included if Content is used solely pursuant to the Usage Rights set forth below.

  1. Disclosure of Material Relationship

Partner is obligated to comply with all relevant local and international laws and regulations, including but not limited to the FTC Guidelines when creating Content or promoting the Partner Link, which includes a disclosure of the material relationship between Sponsor and Partner. Sponsor reserves the right to revoke Creator status from any user who violates any such law or regulation.

  1. Commission & Payouts

For each unique Referral that meets the Commission Criteria below, you will be paid a commission of fifty US cents (“Commission”). The maximum Commission you can earn in any calendar month shall be two hundred fifty US dollars ($250) (“Fee Cap”).

By participating in the Program You may be eligible for various types of other rewards if You have a Bedlam Profile (“Profile Rewards”). You may only have one Bedlam Profile.  Profile Rewards may encompass a range of redeemable items for use within Bedlam, including but not limited to badges, profile frames and themes. These rewards may be immediately granted upon Your acceptance into the Program as well as earned through Referrals who meet the Commission Criteria. The specifics of the Profile Rewards are subject to change and Sponsor has the right to grant or deny any Profile Reward.

To be eligible for a Commission or a Profile Reward, a Referral must meet all of the following criteria within 30 days of first establishing a profile on a platform owned or operated by Bedlam (“Commission Criteria”):

Complete 100% of the Bedlam Profile Onboarding; and

Verify their email address with their Bedlam account; and

Add at least at least one social, URL, or game tile to their Bedlam profile

The calculation of Commissions for a given calendar-month will occur following the end of that calendar-month. Commission payments will be made via PayPal within the last seven days of the month immediately following the month for which the Commission was calculated, net of any payment or transaction fees imposed by PayPal.  Commission will only be paid if You have a PayPal account eligible to receive Commissions. 

If Sponsor identifies any Referral acquired through fraudulent means—such as bots, multiple sign-ups per individual, or other activities deemed fraudulent—the affected Referrals will not be eligible for a Commission and You will be in material breach of this Agreement.  In such cases, the Sponsor reserves the right to either (i) withhold future payments of Commissions or (ii) seek a refund for any Commissions already paid, to be returned within 30 days of the Company's request.

You may be asked to submit current address information, as well as accounting and tax documentation, including W-8/W-9 tax form(s) to Sponsor for the purposes of facilitating payment.

  1. Term and Termination

The term of your participation in the Program shall commence as of the date that Your Partner Program Registration is accepted by the Sponsor and you are notified via email ("Effective Date") and shall continue until terminated in accordance with the provisions set forth herein ("Term").  Sponsor may also elect to suspend the Program.  At any time in which your Partner Program Registration is effective, You will be labeled a “Partner” on the Site. 

Sponsor reserves the right to terminate or suspend the Program or your Partner Link at any time, with or without cause. In the event of termination or suspension by Sponsor, Sponsor will notify you via email at the address you have provided during Partner Program Registration. For the avoidance of doubt, upon termination or suspension of the Program, no further Referrals shall be eligible for a Commission, including those Referrals which were obtained prior to termination or suspension and had not yet completed the Commission Criteria at the time of termination or suspension. 

You may withdraw from the Program by deleting your account at Bedlam or by emailing If you email, your withdrawal will be effective 3 business days after the email is received.

  1. Intellectual Property

The Parties agree that any intellectual property, including copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, patents and other intellectual property belonging to the respective Parties shall remain owned by the respective Parties. Nothing in this Agreement shall be construed to transfer ownership of the intellectual property of one Party to the other Party. Except for the grant of the license, nothing in this Agreement shall be construed to transfer any other rights of one Party to the other with respect to each Party’s intellectual property. To be clear, any Content developed exclusively by Partner is the intellectual property of the Partner (subject to the Sponsor License set forth below) except for Sponsor’s intellectual property that may be incorporated into the Content, including but not limited to Sponsor’s trade name, brand, and logo subject to Your License set forth below. 

You hereby grant Sponsor a paid-up royalty free, non-exclusive, transferable, license to use Content, including any social media hashtags, handles, profile or usernames, likeness, name, voice (whether included in the Content or not) and any intellectual property included in the Content, for commercial purposes in any medium now known or subsequently created, including, but not limited to, social media channels owned, controlled or associated with Sponsor solely for the purpose of marketing and promoting Sponsor’s Bedlam product and Your Program Link (“Sponsor’s License”).  

Sponsor hereby grants  You a non-exclusive, non-transferable, revocable, limited license to use Sponsor's intellectual property,  solely and exclusively in connection with creating the Content, and for no other purposes. Sponsor may modify the Content and intellectual property in Sponsor’s sole discretion including for purposes of reposting Content to additional social media platforms (“Your License”). Your License does not include the right to  modify Sponsor’s intellectual property. 

Your License terminates at the end of the Term.  Sponsor may revoke Your License at any time if there is any misuse or unauthorized use of the Sponsor’s intellectual property. Misuse or unauthorized use of Sponsor’s intellectual property shall be considered unlawful infringement and Sponsor reserves all rights, including the right to pursue an infringement suit in court. 

Sponsor’s License shall terminate at the end of the Term.  Upon termination of Sponsor’s license, Sponsor shall not be responsible for Content being used by third-parties without Sponsor’s consent.

  1. Indemnification

Partner agrees to defend and indemnify Sponsor and any of its agents (if applicable) and hold Sponsor harmless against any and all legal claims and demands, including reasonable attorney’s fees, which may arise from or relate to the Partner's conduct, actions, omissions or statements, including but not limited to any claim of a misuse of a third party’s intellectual property by Partner. Sponsor shall be able to select its own legal counsel and may participate in its own defense, at its election.

  1. Independent Contractor

Partner understands and acknowledges that Partner’s relationship with Sponsor will be that of an independent contractor and nothing contained herein shall be construed to constitute Partner and Sponsor as an employer and an employee, partners, joint venturers, co-owners or otherwise as participants in a joint or common undertaking. Partner has no authority to enter into contracts that bind Sponsor or create obligations on the part of Sponsor. Partner shall not hold himself, herself or itself out as having such authority.

  1. Dispute Resolution

Partner agrees that any dispute or controversy arising out of or relating to any interpretation, construction, performance or breach of the Programs or the Terms and Conditions shall be settled by arbitration to be held in the State of New York, in accordance with the rules then in effect of the American Arbitration Association. The arbitrator shall be final, conclusive, and binding on both Partner and Sponsor. Judgment may be entered on the arbitrator’s decision in any court having jurisdiction. Sponsor and Partner shall each pay one-half of the costs and expenses of such arbitration, and each of Sponsor and Partner shall separately pay counsel fees and expenses.  **BY PARTICIPATING IN THE PROGRAM, YOU ARE WAIVING THE RIGHT TO HAVE A JURY DETERMINE THE OUTCOME OF ANY DISPUTE INVOLVING THE PROGRAM OR ANY DISPUTE WITH THE Sponsor.** 

Unless otherwise prohibited by law Partner is prohibited from participating in a class or collective action or from otherwise participating in any putative or certified class, collective, or multi-party action or proceeding based on a claim related to the Program or these Terms and Conditions.

  1. Limitations of Liability

Sponsor nor each of its respective employees, officers and directors, will be liable to the Partner for commercial loss and lost profits or any consequential, incidental, indirect, punitive or special damages, or any other similar damages under any theory of liability whether in contract, tort or strict liability, however caused and regardless of legal theory or foreseeability, directly or indirectly, arising under the Program or these Terms and Conditions. Sponsor’S CUMULATIVE LIABILITY FOR ALL CLAIMS ARISING OUT OF OR RELATED TO THIS THE PROGRAM WILL NOT EXCEED THE GREATER OF $100 OR THE COMMISSIONS PAYABLE TO Partner BY Sponsor UNDER THE PROGRAM.