About Us
Our mission is to provide players a way to showcase their full and true identity as a gamer. We want to give gamers a place to prove it.
We are gamers
As gamers ourselves, we understand the moments of glory associated with finally reaching max level in a MMO, with unlocking a new gun in Call of Duty, with rising in the ranks in League of Legends, and with getting that ultra rare skin in Counter-Strike. Part of that glory is flexing your achievements, but there hasn’t been a single way to do it—until now.
Bedlam is a link in bio solution built for gamers.
Built by Pros;
Led by Veterans
Bedlam was built in partnership with Method, an esports organization with an 18-year history of working with hundreds of esports athletes and content creators. Method, which started as a World of Warcraft Guild, is now one of the largest community-driven esports organizations in the world.
Method is a storied esports organization with a 18-year history that has worked with hundreds of content creators & esports athletes.
  • 15x World Championship wins
  • Creator of Race to World First, the most watched event ever to be produced by an esports team
  • Owner and operator of tech products with over 2 million MAU
For Social Gamers
Bedlam is part of the Everyrealm family of companies, which creates innovative solutions for avid social gamers and publishes community-driven video game titles.